• Miss New York Will Now Spread Love As Miss America – Miss New York 2018 was crowned the new Miss America in ceremonies that took place on another channel while football fans were watching the Green Bay Packers clutch a win 24-23 in an NFL game away from the Chicago Bears at […]

  • Aretha Franklin’s Music Will Continue To Live On – The world mourns the passing of ARETHA FRANKLIN [pic], the Queen of Soul, who died 8-16-2018. Friends, family, fellow music stars, political figures and musicians have celebrated her life of song, empathy and compassion. […]

  • Maverick U.S. Sen. John McCain Was A National Treasure

    McSTREAMY.COM – Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain, who passed away at 81, following a battle with brain cancer diagnosed late in life, was a National Treasure. McCain was well respected by his colleagues in Washington D.C. and around the world. […]

  • Mainstream News Is NOT The Enemy Of The People.

    GARYTALK.COM – Most true Journalists are NOT “the enemy of the people” and do NOT produce and publish “fake news” for their readers and viewers to consume, as the 45th United States President, Donald J. Trump, attempts […]

  • Facebook Trying To Police Campaign Manipulation Efforts

    GARYTALK.COM – Facebook is ramping up it’s efforts to respond to the real threat to the United States democratic process this country’s intelligence agencies are warning about. The social media giant’s members were inundated […]

  • September GreatGold Spotlight Features Fall Favs

    THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER spotlight is on music stars with September birthdays, plus, September is the start of mixing in what we call Fall Favs. Fall Favs are special songs that have Autumn or Fall in the titles, performed by various artists and heard […]


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