• Putin Gets “Upper Hand” Over Trump at Helsinki

    McSTREAMY.COM – The July 16. 2018 meeting in Helsinki between United States President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin resulted in disappointment to many congressional members and other viewers of a press conference in Helsinki. […]

  • The Bold Type is More Than Just Clothes and Kisses

    McSTREAMY.COM – Season 2 of “The Bold Type” on the FreeForm Channel finds the three female friends in the big city talking seriously about more than just who’s dating whom and which look they’re sporting in their […]

  • The Conners Story To Continue Without Roseanne

    McSTREAMY.COM – The ABC Television network has decided to try a “Roseanne” spinoff without Roseanne Barr this Fall. The revival of “Roseanne” earlier this year was an instant success for ABC, until the show’s […]

  • Keeping Busy In Retirement Makes Life Satisfying

    GARYTALK.COM – I’ve not written anything for my GaryWords section of Garytalk for quite awhile. It’s not that I’ve taken a vacation, or anything as pleasurable as that. It’s quite the opposite. During my retirement […]

  • Please Do Not Throw Away U.S. Senator Al Franken

    GARYTALK.COM (GARYWORDS 11-19-2017) – We’ve given some close scrutiny behind the headlines of the Frankenstory causing a stir of sorts. In reality, it’s not what it seems, but, the situation was bound to lead to this development. […]

  • Sing A Song Of America, B-Days and Summertime

    THIS MONTH, we’re spotlighting singers and musicians born in the month of July by giving their songs Extra Plays. PLUS, Internet Radio is observing the 4th of July USA Independence Celebration by playing Patriotic Songs once every […]


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