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CLIK2GO.COM – We’ve secretly been updating and upgrading website pages at, and have gotten to the point where we’d like you to see what we’ve been doing. We’ve been on the internet since October, 9, 2003. After 12 years, it was about time for a facelift, so October 11, 2015, we began doing just that. There have been a few changes through the first 12 years. Most of the changes have been improvements., but this change is the most exciting.

The redo in progress is expected to be another improvement that will make us more modernized, upgraded and updated. The features of our improved website include being completely Personal Computer and Mobile Friendly, but, that’s definitely not all.

Being Mobile Friendly means that our content is now more Responsive To The Size Of Your Screen. That is bound to enhance your experience when visiting our website in any kind of device: personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, pad, pod, whatever. So, Big Screen, small screen, or very little, tiny, screen and everything in-between: May Our Portal Be With You. Favorite us and come back often.

We still have a few things that aren’t quite ready for prime time. So, there may be a few messages, once in awhile, that put words to that effect in front of you while you inspect our redesigned website. That shouldn’t hamper you from looking around and enjoying what we already do have prepared for you to enjoy. If there’s anything you have a suggestion about that we can add or change for the better, please let us know by using our online Contact Form (please select Clik2Go as the Morbizco Internet Media website you’re trying to reach).

clik2go_section_portal_250x70One of the biggest parts of our upgraded website features a number of different sources of news in 10 basic categories. The categories include: World, National (USA), Business, Sports, Entertainment (Show Business), Technology (Tech News), Political (Politics), Health, Travel, Science. There may be reputable sources added from time to time to the sources we already include within those categories, and some may be replaced occasionally, but, we think you’ll like our current crop. Likewise, we may add or change a Category as time goes on, but, our general 10 categories pretty much cover subjects of interest. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

We have also transferred our list of information Resources from our old front page with current links to official websites for baseball, football, hockey, basketball, motorcycles, bicycles, political parties, census info, and many other resources that are easily at your fingertips on the internet. You’ll also find Resource Links for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, White House, and many more sites of interest.

Feel free to look around on our new pages and discover other things we may not have mentioned. There are two, easy to see and follow, places you can find our Clik2Go Menu: (1) At the top of every page, and (2) at the right side of every page.

Another thing: If you haven’t yet Liked our Clik2Go page on Facebook, please do so, so we can include you as one of our official fans, and, if you are have a Twitter account, we’re Clik2Go on Twitter, too. We’d be happy to include you among our Social Media followers.

If you like what we do, we hope you tell your friends and neighbors about us. There are some easy to use Share Buttons above the Clik2Go Logo at the top of the right side column on every page. Use them to spread the word on all of your Social Media accounts, and, send an email message to your contacts to Spread The Word about Clik2Go’s new Mobile Ready, Mobile Friendly website, if you wish.

Before we forget, why not put our Internet Portal website in your browser favorites. Come back often, anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It’s all, new information, constantly being updated, just for you.

May Our Clik2Go Portal Be With You – Doing It On the Internet Since 2003.

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