Our Clik2Go NetSearch Is Up And Running Again

Clik2Go Internet Search is Up and Ready For You To Use.

CLIK2GO.COM (Working On It) – The Clik2Go Internet Search feature is up and running again at Clik2Go.com. No matter what you’re trying to find on the internet, enter your search term and our search results will show you multiple thousands to millions of website pages with information about that topic, person, subject or term.

Our NetSearch feature is just another part of our Clik2Go site that is back in operation on our return to becoming the Internet Portal you need and want once again. It’s all part of our site’s rebirth using the new Responsive Design to make Clik2Go fully responsive to the size of the screen in which you view Clik2Go pages. To get to our NetSearch page, click or tap on NETSEARCH in our Main Menu. Search The Internet.

Even Babies Know Early To Get Their News and Info At Clik2Go.com! See More.Romance is in the air, because Every Day Is A Party Day at Clik2Go!. Clik2Go.com, has sprouted a new look and feel and upgrade especially for you. How romantic is that? Everyone, even new born babies, are letting their Moms know Clik2Go.com is the place to find the news and info they seek. The newest design in front and behind the curtain is Responsive to the size of the screen you’re viewing it in.

Now, when you go to Clik2Go.com in your Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, Pad, Pod, Phone, Smartphone, using Android, iOS, Blueberry, Nook, Windows, Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc., you’ll see Clik2Go pages that adjust to the size of your monitor screen, large or small. Clik2Go has joined sister Morbizco websites, USWebDaily.com, WisconsinReport.com, McStreamy.com, GreatGold.fm, and GreatGraphix.com, that have become Desktop PC AND Mobile Friendly.

Sweet Berries Reminds Us How Sweet It Is To Celebrate Our Website Redo!

Sweet Berries Reminds Us How Sweet It Is To Celebrate Our Website Redo!

One of the recent changes at Clik2Go as we continue into the site redo is the return of our Clik2Go Radio Directory. We have finished the process of transferring information into the new Responsive Design from the old page design. All of the streaming links playable in your WinAmp software are working as they are intended to work. The other plus is that the new radio directory within our site is now designed to adjust to the size of the screen monitor you view it in. See the Streaming Radio Directory.

In the meantime, look through and use other features of our Clik2Go Portal, including the constantly updated World, National, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Political, Health, Technology, Science, and Travel news, plus Weather and Resource Links to valuable information elsewhere. See our Menu at the top and right side of each page for links to news and information pages.

To see Clik2Go.com’s front page and the rest of the News and Information Portal, CLICK HERE.

Read More about our website in Working On It.

Clik2Go.com has provided our News and Info Portal for Many Seasons since 2003.

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