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Our Clik2Go Connect internet access service is available in thousands of cities throughout the United States.  Our prices are reasonable and our service is reliable.  Our Internet Connection service is full-featured, with email accounts, online email interface (so you can access your email from anywhere in the world), space available for your personal web site, help, faqs, and a lot more.

We offer an Internet Portal that provides you with a number of features accessible from our public pages.  Among the features are our WebGuide, Directory, Search, News & Information Resources, and online E-Mail interface for Clik2Go Connect customers.

We provide an online WebGuide with a list of suggested web sites for you to visit.  Services of the web sites listed range from Search, Web Site Building, Web Site Hosting, Shopping, News, Advertising, WebSite Promotion, and more.

Our Directory is packed full of web sites in more than a half-million categories.  The Directory starts out with a few main categories.  Then, there are thousands of sub categories and sub-sub-categories, etc.  The intent is to help you narrow down the possibilities when you're looking for a web site that will fill your need to know.

If you prefer to Search our Internet WebSite Database by entering in  keywords, use our Internet Search.   There are nearly Five-Million web sites in our database.  The search is designed to speed up your desire to reach the information you're seeking.


We offer ways that you can promote your web site, services, products, candidacy, or advocacy.   If you have a web site, business, organization, or candidacy, etc., we can provide you with a vehicle to reach our visitors.  Submitting your web site to be included in our search results, is one possibility.  Other possibilities, include being listed in our WebGuide, or, having your advertising banner or text ad appear on our pages.  For more information, click on one of the links at the right or left of this page.

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